Spring Outfit Design Contest

Spring is in the air! And we need the perfect styles to go with the season...

We're not just talking classic springtime tropes, like florals or pastels... We want to see some bangin' styles that will scream SPRING IS HERE, GET USED TO IT!

And this is where YOU come in.

We want YOU to design the PERFECT SPRING look! Show us through your design what exactly your dream spring outfit is. And, as always, you can take inspiration from anywhere, but make sure your outfit design is 100% unique and your own!

Remember: It's not just about how great the drawing is, but its idea/concept. When you submit your entry, please explain your outfit idea in great detail with the image. We want to know about the hair, top, dress, pants, shorts, skirt, shoes, heels, etc. If your design can impress with words, the Woozworld Artists can run with it!

Woozworld's garment templatefashion_template_boy


  • Design and draw a spring outfit
  • Use the required template(s) found here
  • Draw your design by hand or use a computer program
  • Sign your design with your Woozen name
  • Respect the Woozworld Code of Conduct with your design


  • Submit someone else's work. The design must be your own, signed creation. If we find out you did not create the work you submitted, you risk getting a sanction.
  • Submit any inappropriate or offensive designs


You can only submit 1 entry per Podz.

You can submit your designs at Woozworld Plaza in the YELLOW (girl outfits), GREEN (boy outfits) and/or PURPLE (neutral outfits) Podz.

If you're 13+, you can also submit your designs on Instagram. Be sure to tag us in your post, include your Woozworld username in your drawing or caption and use the hashtag #WzwSpring2k19.

Your design must be submitted by Monday, April 29 at 9AM WT.

Get creative!

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