Space Visitors

What? Did you ever think we were the only ones zipping around this galaxy? Nope! There are loads of space crews out there, and word on the cosmic street is that some might be dropping by real soon. Let's give them the intergalactic lowdown before they show up.

Now, you probably already know about one of these factions, but let's check out what the Adventurer's Guide to the Deep Space has to say about them:

Colony VI

For Colony VI! For Woozworld!

The Woozworld Space NationZ, constantly evolving and bringing new technologies to Woozens. Led by Commander J. Gravity and his crew, they represent the desire to explore and conquer the uncharted, making new friends throughout the galaxy and always seeking Legendary Adventure.

And guess what? We just got wind that two more crews are zooming our way! Who, you ask? Let's take a peek at what the Adventurer's Guide to the Deep Space says about them.

Kingdom of Zyxalar

Brighter than the stars!

The Planet of Fashion, where everything is trendy, beautiful and peaceful, sends its emissaries to Colony VI seeking information and knowledge. Under the leadership of Zon'arr Zeex, they welcome new members to their illustrious entourage, as long as they share their principles of peace and, of course, a keen sense of fashion.

Rogue Squadron

Freedom and fun!

Freedom above all else! The Rogue Squadron is the place to be if you want to travel the stars without owing anything to anyone. The leader of this group is Vega Nebulosa, an adventurer with only one thing on her mind: when will the next adventure begin? Many of them even lost sight of their home world, and now they are searching for a new home before embarking on another dangerous and entertaining quest!

So, why are they making a pit stop in Woozworld? We're about to find out because the Legendary Adventure is about to kick off!

Woozworld Staff

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