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Dear Woozens,

It's so nostalgic to go back to those special moments for you Woozens!

You filled Mya on EVERYTHING without leaving out any details, and we think that was necessary as a contest, given that... A lot is going on in Woozworld!

Here are the 15 contest winners who managed to write a simple and effective summary!

Hey Woozens,

Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Woozworld's elite. Word on the virtual street is that MyaWooz, the trendsetting time traveler, has finally returned to us from her journey to 2020. And oh, how the pixels have aligned to welcome her back!

Since her departure, Woozworld has evolved into a haven of haute couture and lush living, and let's just say the pgrades are nothing short of spectacular. The talk of the town? Interactive furniture that actually lets you interact. Imagine this: a long, grueling day of quests and fashion feuds ending in your very own luux bathtub. You heard it right—Woozens can now slip into suds and let the digital day melt away.

The snapshot you're seeing, whispered from a well-appointed Woozen abode, features none other than yours truly lounging in the lap of luxury, amid bubbles and the most exclusive bathroom fittings money—or better yet, Woozworld currency—can buy. The self-designed apartment with its shimmering tiles and gilded mirrors reflects the latest update where style meets substance, and where every Woozen can be the architect of their own opulent oasis.

So, Mya, welcome back to a world where every day is a runway and every night is a dream. Dive into the new Woozworld, where the virtual is now a reality, and even the smallest details are designed to dazzle.

You know you love it,

XOXO Shakeshack

Mya, you're back! You won't believe what you've missed. Read until the end so you feel like you were never even gone!

Regretting the fuschia pink color? (Iconic though) Don't worry, Mya! Recolor tokens can change your clothing or furniture into a new set of colors or even revert the item back to its colorable state. Honestly, this is my favorite update, because I don't have to sell my favorite items if I decide to change my color code.

Speaking of colors, woozens have long said goodbye to the bright neons and embraced pastels! Many woozens have two or more color code combos, usually one for the hair and one or more for the clothes. Woozens use color codes to be more recognizable and eye-catching!

Colors are not the only thing that makes woozens stand out but also their unique sense of style. Questy items have been making a big comeback with the rise of Y2K fashion. Woozens try to mix and match old and new clothes to make a stylish fit. Aside from the Y2K style, different aesthetics like barbiecore, dollette, clean girl, and many more on the rise! As a trendsetter, I know you'll bring a unique twist to fashion here on Woozworld!

Woozens don't just express themselves through their fashion sense, but also through the new animated PoseZ and MoveZ! Among them, my favorites are the fashion star and doll PoseZ. Just recently, we can use our favorite PoseZ in the comfort of our chairs!

Speaking of chairs, new furniture has dropped and nearly all of it is interactive! Woozens can now sleep on beds, swim in pools, and swing fron trees! Aside from this, woozens can even make their own games through the wired furniture!

Welcome back to Woozworld 2024, Mya! :D

Lots of love,


Hey Mya! I know it's been a while since you've last been on Woozworld, and A LOT has changed since 2020. Let me tell you about some of my favourite changes that have taken place!

Although we no longer have foodiez, we have a new farming concept! We can grow plants, vegetables, and fruits, and even collect some rare seeds! With these new plants we can craft all sorts of stuff, from garments to consumables. I use this to feed my Bestiz (the new woozpetz). Although these pets don't talk like the old ones, you can make them learn all sorts of tricks and level up, making them the perfect companion.

Another one of my favourite additions is animated poses and new ActionZ. These add a lot of character and emotion into the game which I enjoy. In the picture I'm using the Watering Plants ActionZ to really bring in the farming concept.

Thank you for coming back Mya and I hope you enjoy all these new addtions to Woozworld since you've been absent! :)


Hi Queen Mya!. One of my favorites updates and quest are the comeback of the Zoomies! they are so cute and I had fun collecting them!, I remember I used to collect them back in 2016, the quest was so good and also the storylines!. Another event that I really like is the Azurium one!, This event includes planting just like the old event, then u collect the seeds which is used to craft azurium stuff!. When Azurium were first introduced on Woozworld years ago I remember that i wanted the Azurium hairs so bad!. Now I'm so happy that they made this quest where we get a cauldron where we can craft new and old azurium stuff.


Hey Mya! Welcome back to Woozworld 2024! So much has happened since 2020, and I can't wait to catch you up on all the excitement!

One of my absolute favorite updates has to be Yetiland! It totally transformed Woozworld, adding a burst of color and fun with its interactive features like the Ferris wheel and drop zone. The addition of Yetiland brought a whole new level of thrill and adventure to the game, keeping us Woozens engaged and entertained for hours on end! Plus, the captivating music in Yetiland made staying on Woozworld absolutely irresistible!

Exploring Yetiland with my friends became our go-to pastime. We deepened our bond as we ventured through its enchanting landscapes, taking endless photos together amidst the vibrant scenery. It's created lasting memories and strengthened our friendships in ways we never imagined possible.

Yetiland truly transformed Woozworld into a dynamic hub of adventure, creativity, and camaraderie, keeping us engaged and connected like never before. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!


Im so happy Mya is back! She would have loved Zyxalar, the Planet of Fashion. One of my favourite events on Woozworld was the Great Zyxalarian Ball which happened in the Zxyalarian Forest. This was my outfit for the ball, as it is so gorgeous and out of this world! Fashion on Woozworld has really evolved with this intergalatic collab that left a lasting impression on our community.


Ah, welcome back, MyaWooz! Let me tell you about one of the most exciting developments in Woozworld since your return: the Arcade Clover Machines. These marvelous contraptions have taken the realm by storm, offering Woozens a whirlwind of fun and competition unlike anything seen before.

Imagine stepping into a bustling arcade, filled with vibrant colors and the sound of laughter and excitement. That's the atmosphere the Arcade Clover Machines bring to Woozworld. These machines aren't your average arcade games—they're a whole new level of entertainment and engagement.

At first glance, you'll be captivated by their sleek designs and enchanting allure. But it's when you start playing that the real magic happens. The Clover Machines host a variety of captivating mini-games and challenges, each one more thrilling than the last. From lightning-fast reflex tests to precision-based target races, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

But what truly sets the Clover Machines apart is the sense of camaraderie and friendly competition they foster. As you dive into the games, you'll find yourself surrounded by fellow Woozens, all eager to test their skills and claim the top spot on the leaderboard. It's not just about winning prizes (though there are plenty of those to go around), but about the joy of connecting with others and sharing in the excitement.

Welcome back to the world of pixels, MyaWooz! After four years away, it's time to reboot your adventure and rediscover the magic of Woozworld. Fashion Icon in action!


Hey Mya! Welcome back to Woozworld, 2024 version, we've missed you!

There have been some major changes since 2020! First off, you can now sit in Woozworld, how cool is that? And the chat bubble options have expanded, giving us even more ways to express ourselves. But that's not all, there's now something called wiring, which is like coding in Woozworld - it's a whole new level of creativity, allowing us to make super advanced games!

Now, there are daily calendar gifts for logging in, which is a nice little bonus.

Woozarazzi and Bestiz have made a comeback, bringing back some nostalgia for sure. Oh, and recolor tokens are a thing now, allowing us to customize our items even more, we used to ask for this so much. Plus, you can now change your username, how awesome is that? I've done it once myself!

Also, a new animator named Sowilo has also joined the game. She can probably show you around! She hosts games and events, and visits Woozen's units sometimes.

I think the most intriguing thing though, is this mysterious man named Mr. Zoom… he's always lurking in the background, giving off some creepy vibes. I think he's ZackWooz, but who knows for sure? So much has changed that I can't even say it all in this short paragraph, but I can't wait to see what else is in store for Woozworld, and I'm so glad you get to be a part of it again!


It was march 2020, the lost kingdom (one of their best events so far, btw, it had a storyline, talking npcs that had more personality than zackwooz, a repeatable maze that gives you free furniture at the end?!! beautiful.) was discovered but we still weren't able to access it yet and we were all trying to guess what the quest will be, and i guess Plush decided to chime in


My favourite event that you, Mya, have missed has been the Woozens and Wizards quest. It was a Dungeons and Dragons type of quest, where Miss Mirage sent us on a mission to find the villain "The Punisher" and defeat him. It took months to finish the quest courtesy of Miss Mirage breaking it into five sessions and each one took long preparations (I was impatient not going to lie!). The first four sessions were exploration quests to find the whereabouts of the villain (We were rewarded with cool looking armor each session!!). The finale was the long awaited face off against The Punisher, which we used a 20 sided die to deplete his health. Our number of rolls was fixed to seven, but we had an extra roll for each piece of armor from previous sessions (Almost didn't win if it weren't for the cool Armor! HAHAHA! Thank you Miss Mirage). We were able to defeat The Punisher, which ended our adventure in Woozens and Wizards. When the session ended, we met Zon'arr from planet Zyxalar, who turned out to be The Punisher in disguise! It turns out, he was stranded in the Woozworld and needed help to get back to his planet, but woozens were afraid of him and Miss Mirage snatched and dragged him for the Woozens and Wizards quest (LOL). In the end, we had an exciting adventure, met a new alien friend and a revamp of the Colony VI! Miss Mirage seems to plan another Woozens and Wizards quest, but a Colony VI version (can't wait for that one!!!!). Hopefully, Miss Mirage would be able to start it soon and maybe you can join us for the next one! <3


HI MYA! A lot has happened on Woozworld since your absence in 2020 and it's quite difficult to choose what to talk about so I'll have to go with my personal favourite addition. You MUST check out this new feature that came out in March 2022; it's called "Wiring". Wiring has had a significant impact on the game since it's release, it's probably one of the most in depth features to be introduced to Woozworld to date. Wiring brings your unit to life by using specially made furnitures which can be connected and manipulated to your liking. Each furniture is unique and has a specific behaviour of which it can do. If you have an understanding of how these furnitures work you can make some really AMAZING units! Wires are typically used to make games, obstacle courses, or to just spice up your unit in general! The unfortunate part is that it can be super tedious and frustrating to understand at first, but with practice and consistency you'll have a better understanding of the potential of wires and their incredibly useful advantages. Don't worry if you get stuck, there are blog posts on WoozNews that explain how you can use wires and also some visual examples as well for you to follow. If getting information on wires isn't easy enough there are also some really intelligent Woozens who know wiring inside and out and will most definitely give you any tips and tricks! Since the release of wiring, Woozens are always pushing the boundaries, creating new and unique units to make Woozworld so much more enjoyable for everyone. Wiring really has changed the way Woozens play Woozworld, it's spread creativity and entertainment to so many of us and we all look forward to seeing whats next in the future.


Woozworld has undergone several innovative upgrades since 2020, and each of them has kept the game's energy high!

One of my favourite improvements is the Reshapable Unitz! It has entirely transformed the game of creating unitz, and I can promise you that the possibilities are limitless! Every day, woozens create incredible creations that would not have been possible without the reshapable unitz.

Another amazing improvement would be the intractable furniture. As a designer, I find the interactable furniture pieces to be absolutely fascinating as we can use them in multiple ways and create the designs of our dreams. From Shop PodZ to the arcades to the tiniest decorations, I have a long list of favourites myself!

Let's talk about PoseZ and MoveZ, shall we? We love to see the creative PoseZ and the recent animated Posez have been a game changer, and of course the MoveZ keep us up to date with the newest trends and are absolutely fun to collect! Not to mention, we can perform all of them while sitting; how cool is that?!

Fashion is a part of us woozens, and the fashionable upgrades we've had are out of this world! Wings, hand accessories, animated faces, interactive symbz!! They have all added another level to the game experience and there's something very satisfying about wearing them and being stylish in our own way <3


Wiring has brought an exponential amount of possibilities to our amazing community with some impeccable creativity from all of our fellow woozens! This can be seen in multiple forms; From wiring pawns to make not only board games, but unique multiplayer games - all the way to the endless possibilities of dice games, race games, and revamps of originals. Due to this, we have been able to connect and make many friendships by hosting, playing, and sharing new knowledge amoungst one another, all thanks to what I would personally consider the BEST feature to come out since I joined the sever in 2011! As time continually progresses forward, the infinite amount of creativity and the things you are capable of doing with the aid of this amazing feature, our community has and will continue to form so many new connections that we would have previously never ventured towards. I am so glad you have returned and get to experience the unbounded amount of joy us woozens get daily from wiring!


A lot could happen in 4 years. From Prom 2020's Wild Wild Woozt and WNS 2020's Battle of the Bands to Prom 2022's House of Dragons, annual events have been unique and different each time! Tons of new BlockZ have been added, along with spectacular Wings that give you extra arms and the ability to float with a jetpack. The woozens have come to life with animated clothing and faces, and the ability to interact with furniture. Expressing yourself has never been as easy as now with new chat bubbles, profile themes, and tons of new PoseZ, EmojiZ, and MoveZ. Even UnitZ have their own identity with the ability to customize floors, a bevy of new Shop Podz, and the addition of more backgrounds. We also love a good throwback; 2023 saw the comebacks of Azurium, Zoomworld, KountVonKlokz, and even Chuck Norris' black market! With expanded fashion styles inclusive of brand new UnikZ and Excusive Outfits, you can become anyone you want to be, whether that's the next Rising Star contest winner or a cyberpunk robot from Colony VI.


In the world of Woozworld, an adventures and exciting updates have unfolded since 2020. One unforgettable quest that left an unmarkable on Woozens was the "Monster High". i remember so many got so excited about the monster high and the unitz got fully filled and they talked about how cute the unitz and the monster high outfit is. Among the new updates that thrilled Woozworld's community, one standout feature was the introduction of new user interface for web and apps.Users rejoiced as they were given the freedom to experience the newest and latest update by woozworld and also the large capacity of color code that you can save in your inventory, from cozy color code to aesthetic color code, unleashing their creativity and imagination in many ways.As for outfits, the "Autumn of 2023" collection stole the spotlight, transporting Woozens to a dazzling leaves and scarf and coat filled with cozy, peaceful, and calm fashion. From sleek coat suits to cute and cozy accessories, this autumn wardrobe allowed users to channel their autumn style and embark on stylish adventures across woozworld. However, amidst all the quests and updates, one cherished memory that remains etched in the hearts of Woozworld's community is the spirit of friendship that loves every virtual interaction. Whether collaborating on quests, hosting fashion shows, or simply hanging out in their custom-designed spaces, Woozens continue to foster a vibrant and inclusive community where creativity knows no bounds.As Woozworld continues to evolve and enchant users with its dynamic quests, innovative updates, and trendsetting outfits, one thing remains certain: the adventure never ends in this wondrous virtual realm.


We hope you enjoyed delving into old memories or discovering new ones as much as we did!

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating!