Show Us Your Promposal

Do you have a date for prom yet? Have you been thinking of the best way to ask them to prom? Maybe you have it all planned out already?

It's time to get creative, Woozens, because... We want to see your Promposal!

You may have a heartfelt way of asking your date or maybe you have a super funny idea or maybe you have a super-extra, over-the-top plan? Would it be weird to have your date go through some scary haunted house to find out you're asking them to Prom? What about asking them through song? Or maybe you want to include all your friends and family? Whatever you choose to do, be sure to share it with us!

From June 6 to 13, you will be able to submit your Promposal to us. There are 3 ways you can enter:

- Submitting a photo from your Albumz HERE

- Uploading and submitting a YouTube URL HERE

- Share on Instagram with the hashtag #WzwPromposal2k19 (**Please include your Woozen name on your submission via Instagram and be sure to tag us @woozworld**)

The Woozens behind our favorite Promposals will receive an exclusive title and achievement, as well some Wooz.

Get your Promposals started, Woozens! We hope your dates all say yes.

Your Promposal Woozband