Session Five is HERE!

Every RPG session has its delays... but only the good ones finish what they started!

What? Why so late? Miss Miraje was always here and been BUSY. Trying to be the next Queen of Woozmas, relaxing at the Chilling Rabbit Spa, partying at CarnaWooz, giving tips to Sowilo to find the Clover Arcade, and even telling Basil about the meteor shower... it was her all along.

And now Session Five is also HERE! Go and show the Punisher who's boss! If you finish the quest before Monday, May 8th at 9 AM, you also get a limited-time Achievement+Title for mastering the art of patience.

But wait... you didn't play the first four sessions OR don't remember what happened? Read below for the WoozCap.

If you didn't play the first sessions and this blog is just confusing, click HERE to start your Woozens and Wizards adventure!

The WoozCap (Spoilers below)

It all started when Miss Miraje called us to play a Woozens and Wizards campaign, where you got to select your class and then your race.

She told us that Woozworld was under attack from the Punisher, an evil guy who was controlling Woozen's minds and had locked you in his dungeons. In Session One, we escaped the Punisher's Dungeon and started to work on our quest to avenge Woozworld.

Session Two started with Miss Miraje taking the Woozens to a creepy forest, to find one of the last Woozens still trying to fight the Punisher. He got lost and we had to find him. After crossing a maze-like forest, we meet with Plush, who got his shoes stolen by the Punisher and got lost trying to find them.

In Session Three we follow the information Plush had and went to find out more about the Punisher in the Great and Magical Library of Wooz. After being tested by the library, we found out that the Punisher comes from another planet called Zyxalar and that he was hiding in the Cornfields of Cortoza.

Session Four started with you and Plush trying to enter the Punisher's lair. Unfortunately, it was a trap that turned Plush into a Pumpkin-Head-Zombie-Like-Servent to keep everyone away. He didn't count on your expertise in mazes though, did he?

And now the battle is set! We enter the Punisher's lair to save Woozworld once and for all (or until the next time Woozworld needs help).

We hope you enjoy the end of this epic quest. Put on your armor and may the dice be in your favor.

Woozworld Staff

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