Selfie Contest Revamp

Hey Woozens,

Have we got a surprise for YOU!

You may remember this little contest, what was it called? Star of the Week? That sounds right...

Well, not only is your beloved Star of the Week contest BACK... It is accompanied by a brand new contest update! Sooooo, say hello to the new way of entering and winning Selfie Contests!

How does it work? Let us explain...

To enter a Selfie Contest, you'll need to click on the Main Menu button and head to the Contests. Note: The older version of the Contests can still be found in the Navigator

Once you open the Contests section, you will see 3 different tabs: Entry, Vote, and Results. But what do they mean?


This is where you will find all sorts of different Selfie Contests that are open or opening soon! To enter a contest, simply click on the one you're interested in and then hit ENTER.

From there, you will be taken to your closet to throw together a super stylish fit! You can grab a saved outfit, purchase a missing item from ShopZ (if it is currently available), or mix and match with the items you already own. Once you have your *chef's kiss* outfit ready, you can select a pose to show off your look! When you're happy with your entry, click CONFIRM and you're all set!


Once a contest has ended, the decision is up to you. Yes, YOU! You will be voting for your fave entries as they battle it out for the top spot! To choose a contest you wish to vote for, click on VOTE. From there, you will be shown random entries from other Woozens and you will vote for your fave. There will be 3 rounds...After the third round, you'll move on to choose your finalist. The finalists will be a collection of the winners you chose from the previous rounds.


Once the voting period has ended for a contest, you will be able to see WHO has won the top spot, the runner-ups, AND what place you came in! You'll even be able to re-create the winners' look by getting your hands on the items from their outfit if they are in ShopZ!

But, Woozworld, HOW can you be sure this is fair for all, you ask?!

First of all, the choices that you get when you go to vote are at r a n d o m! This way, there will be no wiggle room for cheating to ensure that you get the top spot.

Secondly, in order to participate, you'll need to get your hands on some tickets! Each contest will cost a certain amount of tickets, you'll be able to see the cost before you enter. Before you ask, here's how you earn some tickets... BY VOTING! Every time you vote, you'll receive tickets as a reward. However, your wallet cannot hold more than 100 tickets, so use them wisely! You'll be able to see how many tickets you have in your wallet when you open the Contests window.

The power is now in your hands, Woozens! Of course, this is only the beginning... We are always working to create new updates to make your experience an awesome one.

What are you waiting for? Head to the Contests section (From the Main Menu) and start showing off your sweet style!