Selfie Contest: Prom Dates Winners

Hey Woozens,

As you know...PROM is right around the corner! You may remember that we asked you to pair up and show off your slaying style with your bf, gf, or bff! You could use aaaaaanything from the Prom Clothing category to mix and match with your partner in crime! as usual, we got a ton of entries, so you know this was not an easy decision!

Check out our faves below.

Yor & pyler

penelapi & moonlander

explosives & Princeali59

iEpiphany & Sanctuary-

-Katerina & leyla014

Hua & Kehls

-Antheia & fruitberries

Amazonidy & GreenMercy

hazelmay & Strathos

Emilio & Spencer98

Congrats, Woozens! The winners above will receive a sweet Woozen prize!