Selfie Contest: Ghoulish Couples Winners

Hey Woozens,

As you know, we recently asked you to pair up and get a little spooktacular! We wanted to see you and your bf, gf, or even bff throw together a cool, creepy, crazy, couples costume for this Halloween season! You could use a mix of aaaaanything from the Halloween Clothing category of ShopZ to design your winning WOW-lloween style! As usual, we got a ton of entries, so you know this was not an easy decision!

Check out our faves below.

Frago & Talulla

sdfdsFdfdfsdfdsF & ScarlettShimmerz

Verlia & elfen

heynallpeeps & MochiiXMoon

rosekainat11 & 1ND1GO

BreannaYzabel & danielle123sh

Amable & itsdeadigothcked

sarena- & Bunny-Boo

CremeBrulee & kazutora

sapporo & -Luis

DoinTime & Sakurabug

Brooke0623 & -Ariter

carmeIa & grown

Congrats, Woozens! The winners above will receive a sweet Woozen prize!