Security Tips


We want to make sure you're not only having a blast, but you're also super safe. We have seen quite a few trends happening, so here are a few cool tips & tricks to help you stay safe and secure!


ALWAYS keep your info under wraps. This includes your full name, school name, city, places you hang out, phone number, discord, and social media profiles & handles.

Any information about you, your whereabouts, and your appearance is YOUR personal information. NEVER share photos or videos of yourself online.

You never know who's lurking online, so play it safe and keep those details to yourself. If someone's getting too nosy and keeps asking for your personal information, REPORT them ASAP.


Your password is the key to your kingdom in Woozworld. DON'T hand it out to anyone, not even your besties or family. Sharing it could lead to trouble, like someone sneaking into your account.

Make sure your password and security question answers are not easy to guess when you set them up.

We strongly recommend that you use a LONG PASSWORD and that you use a combination of letters and numbers or special characters to make your password EXTRA strong.

Using a VALID email address makes resetting your password easier. Make sure the password you are using is UNIQUE to Woozworld and not being used elsewhere. This helps reduce the risk of security breaches affecting your Woozworld account. One last tip is to do a password change every 3 months or so.


BEWARE of shady websites that promise freebies, such as Wooz or Beex. They're often up to no good and may try to steal your password. Stick to the OFFICIAL Woozworld site for all your fashion needs.

If you are the victim of a trade scam, you can report the scammer via the report tool. Moderators cannot return lost items or currency, but they can suspend users for cheating.

Even though we have a strong team of moderators, there are still some players online who have bad intentions and will try to scam you.

Selling, trading, or buying accounts is not allowed on Woozworld. Your account could be BANNED for any of these activities.


Bullying is when someone hurts, scares, excludes, or insults someone else. Bullying is NEVER OK.

Bullies focus on something that makes someone "different," such as race/ethnicity, sexuality or gender identity, religion or beliefs, appearance or ability.

Remember everyone is UNIQUE. Making fun of someone because of these characteristics is bullying, and in many cases, hate speech.

If someone's making you feel uneasy, speak up! Use that reporting tool and let our mod team handle it. It's cool to have different opinions, but let's keep it respectful and drama-free


If you see behavior that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable: Report it! Use the Reporting Tool to allow our Moderators to investigate, they review all reports made.

Remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, as long as their language and behavior remains appropriate. Don't report people who disagree with you.

We're all about making Woozworld the ultimate hangout spot where you can slay the fashion game and stay safe while doing it!

Stay safe,

Woozworld Staff

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