Royalty: Group Selfie Contest

Attention, distinguished Woozens!

We are delighted to announce an exciting group selfie contest, where the elegance and style of the late 19th century shall take center stage.

This is your opportunity to shine as noble representatives of the Regency era and proudly showcase the diverse nations of Woozworld.


-A maximum of 5 Woozens, including yourself, is allowed per group. The names of all participants must be included in the submission.

-You have until Friday June 21 at 3 PM WT to send your submissions.

-Only one submission per group is permitted, so ensure you write each name of the Woozen in the picture.

-The theme of the contest is the elegance of the Regency era, so prepare to dazzle with your finest attire and accessories.

-Choose a Woozworld Nation to represent: Mystic Alley, Cortoza, Lib Street, etc.

-You must adhere to the Woozworld code of conduct at all times.

-This is your moment to display your creativity and sense of style. Capture the essence of 19th-century nobility and make history in Woozworld!

-You can send your submission in the Navigation Category, Woozworld Unitz, Contest.

We wish you the best of luck and eagerly await your elegant submissions.

May the most elegant and noble group win!