Royal Watch: The Secret Lives of Woozworld's Debutantes

Here comes the juicy part, darling.

I'm going to tell you everything, without reservations, just because.

That's who I am, simply incredible.

We left off with Daphnee's brother, Chet. Rumor has it, and I can confirm, that they live a life of luxury and excess with money they don't have.

What? Are they all show? Well, that's what the Woozens of Hollywooz always are, pure image.

It seems the siblings don't have a penny to their name and if it weren't for their family name, they would be begging for donations and working hard like the other Woozens to enjoy just a bit of what they do. Of course, as you may have guessed, that's where Edwin comes in. We all assume he has found out about his beloved Daphnee's situation and has been quick to visit his family's ample coffers so she can keep up appearances.

"How sweet and considerate of him!" you might say. But you don't know everything yet, darling...

There's much more to say about Edwin. But I'll save that for later. For now, let's continue with Chet. According to his sister, he is the most protective and attentive brother that exists, which is why she fears confessing her relationship with Edwin to him; she doesn't want to hurt him. Additionally, Chet is known from the hills of Hollywooz to the parks of Lib Street for being very attentive and helpful to his elderly parents. Parents whom he still serves, despite being the reason he and his sister no longer receive the enormous allowance they used to get years ago. Well, that's from Daphnee's point of view.

Oh, she knows so little about her beloved Chet. My sources in clubs all over Woozworld have informed me that they've seen him around, playing cards and even gifting Unikz to the first person he took a liking to. Especially generous to another debutante, Anthony of Cortoza Harbor. His turn will come. Don't worry, darling.

If you've connected the dots so far, you'll realise that Chet might have been spending quite a bit of money on his escapades and perhaps that's why there's now the rumor that there's no money left in his family's accounts. Maybe that's why he is so attentive to his parents and sister. Is it guilt? What would Anthony say about all this if he's the one who's received Chet's attention? We will see...

Well, Anthony has a lot to explain.

Even though he comes from one of the traditional Nations, his family has been collecting fame and fortune, thanks to hard work in ship building in Cortoza.

Work that he is no stranger to.

Unlike the other debutants, Anthony does have to work, and because of this, he has gained two things:

Being very fit and having little respect for this noble lineage and titles story.

Let's say, like a good Scorpio, he has no qualms about playing with people's feelings, especially those in the wealthier classes of Woozworld.

Rumors say that while he has been seen enjoying Chet's "generosity," he has also been spotted holding hands with Candice. Which is not unusual for her, as she's very flirtatious. She has also been seen whispering to Edwin, who hasn't paid her much attention. But for Anthony, this should be a notable detail, as he's been heard shouting his "love for Chet one night at Club Lazer." As I said, this guy is a good Scorpio.

Since we've mentioned her, it's best to talk a bit about Candice. As pretty as they come, after all, she is a Sunnyside.

A family as old and with as much history as wealth. They say even they don't know the real dimensions of their bank accounts. For her, luxuries and high society life are so commonplace that they've become boring. So she has turned to the next best thing, a delight shared by both the poor and the rich: DRAMA AND GOSSIP!

It's no small feat, as it is thanks to her that much of this reality show has come to light.

You see, Candice is very, very close to Peneloppe, their families are friends, and they grew up together; she would never harm her. But neither of them has many qualms about creating drama at all costs.

For example, at first, it was Candice who tried to stir up a huge mess with Edwin. She approached him and flirted with him. Because she knows about the secret love story he has with Daphnee. As gossipy as she is, she hid behind some barrels in Cortoza to watch the lovers' meeting. So she got to work and tried to insert herself into that relationship, so not only would there be a problem between them, but by the commotion, the entire Woozworld would find out that a Cortoza Manor was dating a Hollywooz Square, and as if that wasn't enough, there was even infidelity involved. But this plan failed (unfortunately).

But Candice persevered. One day, after her dinner date with Anthony, also in Cortoza, she caught a glimpse of a hurried Edwin sneaking around. "If he wants to hide it, I want to know what it is," thought Candice. She followed him and they arrived at a gloomy vault filled to the brim with ROYAL CROWNS that didn't seem to belong to him. I mean, neither he nor his family had won Prom, so what are those crowns doing there?

The truth is he took a couple of these crowns and handed them over to a skinny guy with a rolling shop, I think he called him Chat, Chum, Chuck... something like that.

He paid Edwin and the latter headed to Hollywooz. Yes, just as you think, he went to see none other than our dear Daphnee, who was waiting to pay the bill at a not-so-cheap restaurant. Only a "you took your time, huh" was heard from Daph. "Aha!" thought Candice, "this is a job for Peneloppe." So she went to see her friend and told her that winning the debutant contest would be a piece of cake with this information.

Now you know why Edwin does what he does and what his secret is. The rascal, being rich, relies on what seems to be stolen from the Woozens so his Daphnee can maintain her status.

How do I know?

I already told you Candice loves drama, darling. I also have my sources in Woozworld's high spheres.

So there you have it:

-My two queens of Mystic Alley, gossips and lovers of drama.

-Edwin, who likes secrets, and a particular girl from an enemy family.

-Anthony, a Don Juan with few scruples.

-Daphnee, who needs to keep up appearances and is also a bit of a victim of her brother.

-And Chet, who doesn't know how to manage his wealth, or what used to be his wealth.

What do you think?

Which of these gems would you vote for as the best debutante?

I'll leave you to ponder it, darling.



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