Refund Policy Reminder


We have seen some activity from a few in the community that goes against our terms & conditions and want to remind you about refunds in Woozworld.

Any refund on the App Store, Google Play and Xsolla will be banned if we fail to recover the full amount of the refunded pack (no matter when the refund was done).

Woozworld's refund policy is clear about this. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to contact Woozworld Customer Support if you wish to receive a refund for a transaction.

We will be happy to help you via the Woozworld online help form.

Please be advised that it is Woozworld's policy to refund, no questions asked, a transaction made by a player experiencing one of the following problems

- Problem with a transaction.

- Not receiving the goods associated with the purchase.

- Unauthorized recurrence.

- Unauthorized transactions. (To prevent this from happening in the future, the associated Woozworld account will be permanently banned).

Woozworld Staff