Ready, set, GAMES!

Hey Woozens!

Surprise, surprise, it's me Sowilo!

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet you and you were so sweet to me !

I also wanted to thank all the Woozens who wrote to me to wish me a warm welcome in Woozworld. Since I'm new and it's now my turn to get to know you, I have a special animation coming for you on Thursday, February 23rd at 3:30 PM WT. I want to learn the activities and games you like. You can either put in the comments the Unitz that you think has the best games or make one !

Don't forget to create an Event, so I can find your fav Unitz or one of your creation faster.

I will try to visit as many Unitz as possible and play games with you all.

Can't wait to see you !


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