Reach for the Odyssey - Winners

Mortal Woozens,

I must admit, I was very excited to see what outfits you would create and what pantheon you would draw inspiration from for the contest!

I was not disappointed! You put all your effort and imagination into creating a unique pantheon!

The contest took a long time to moderate, as I decided to make more people win than expected.

So there will be 15 winners!

Avipe & Mystery-Believer

Kehls, Hua, tsukijiri and aram

nikkiMath, Silveria, FranticAl and IoveIetters

rockboy44 and leyla014

Joxywuj, asher377, and -A-M-I-R-

Mermaidmotel, Th3rapy, Yui, and Aki

hatara, sylvest, Aimen, oaizo, and haak0

Stargazing, Gumgum-, and Joeyqis

rosalindmay, and -mayfair

Eliven, signai, Rocheila, Dandency, and Lact

dinzie, Yzy, Mandalina, LefterisGreek, and -xSarah

Chun-Li, x3-fashion-x3, and mileen

SonnySideUp, Quasimodo, abigale, and --Shiloh--

-Cameryn-, AkariYuu, JailenSlays, and stephanieier

Ninfologa, Defining, and -Txa

In addition to having respected all the contest rules, I'd like to congratulate the winners for not having alternative accounts and for not using them in the contest submissions.

Congratulations everyone, you will all receive your 4000 Wooz shortly :)

Take Care