Rats Wars: Rise of the Rats

A long, long time ago, in a NationZ far, far away...

Wait, no.

This is happening now. Here.

Here AND now.

As you may have undoubtedly noticed, there were rats crawling ALL. OVER. Woozworld recently. Naturally, we all had questions, but only one lil guy had the answers: Yora, the Rodi Master.

Turns out there's been a disturbance in ~The Force~ and it's all been caused by a mysterious and evil figure named Darth Rat. According to legend, Darth Rat was once an innocent, even good, rat named Ratakin Cheesewalker who trained to become a Rodi Master (just like you've probably been doing!).

But... Unfortunately, young Ratakin let the power go to his head. He craved more and more power until he was completely corrupted by it... This is when Darth Rat was born. And what does Darth Rat want to do? The same thing he's always wanted to do: take over Woozworld.

As Chinese New Year (AKA the start of the Year of the Rat) approaches, Darth Rat has been harnessing more and more power, thus creating a disturbance in the Force. He's getting closer and closer to realizing his goal. At this point, only good can triumph over evil.

Don't underestimate Darth Rat just because he's... Well, a rat. He has an army of loyal Rattroopers defending him. Using your Brightsaber, which you'll receive once you've completed your Rodi training (you can also find them in ShopZ), you'll be able to defeat them, bringing you one step closer to your final battle: a fight with Darth Rat himself.

So, Woozens, are you up for the challenge? Think you have what it takes to save Woozworld yet again?

If so, good luck out there. Who knows... Maybe the Force will even be with you!