Random Acts Of Kindness Week!

Hey Woozens!

Did you know that the week following Valentine's Day is Random Acts Of Kindess Week?! It just so happens to start riiiiiight after Do A Grouch A Favour Day, convenient, dontcha think? What's Random Acts Of Kindness week, you ask...Well, it's basically a week dedicated to helping out a friend, family member, or even a stranger! We wanted to celebrate by sharing different ways that you can participate in this most wholesome week of the year!

Below are just a few suggestions for things you could do to celebrate. Try to do something different every day of the week!

Day 1: Compliment a stranger

Who doesn't love a compliment every now and then? Especially a compliment that is out of the blue. When you see someone with an amazing hairstyle or a really nice pair of sneakers, let them know! It will definitely brighten up their day!

Day 2: Buy someone's next meal

One great way to make someone's day is to buy their next meal! We aren't talking about buying them a 4-course meal....something a little more simple! Next time you're at a cafe, fast food restaurant, or the drive-thru, look to the person behind you in line and offer to buy their meal! Who knows, maybe you'll even start a chain reaction!

Day 3: Help a someone with a heavy item

Do you have a friend that is moving? If so, lend a helping hand and make they don't hurt themselves moving all alone! Don't know anyone moving any time soon? Surely you have seen someone struggling to carry their baby carriage, or heavy groceries up or down some stairs. Roll up your sleeves and help them out! Two hands are better than one!

Day 4: Create a card

We know.....Valentine's Day is over, cards are so last week...BUT people always love to receive a random card in the mail, or even in person! Get crafty and create a card for someone that you know is sick or having a rough day, it will cheer them right up!

Day 5: Bring a snack into work or class

People love food...It's science. On your way to work or school, pick up an order of donuts, cupcakes, croissants....whatever! Everyone will be deeeelighted to be at work/school. Who knows, maybe one day one of your fellow coworkers/students will return the favour...or should we say...flavour.

Day 6: Give a "just because" gift

You don't need a special occasion to buy a gift for someone! If you know someone who is going through a hard time, or having a tough day, show that you care by buying them a little gift....just because! It doesn't need to be an extravagant gift, you can always gift a bag of candy, candles, soaps, chocolates, a teddy bear, or even something homemade!

Day 7: Spread the love

Hopefully your random acts of kindness throughout the week will inspire others around you to spread the love as well! But don't stop there...Why not spread some anonymous love around! Write up some inspirational messages and hide them around your neighbourhood, school, work, or even your own house.

Get creative with your random acts of kindness and help out whenever you can! After all, wouldn't you want to receive a card or a helping hand when you need it?

Do you have more ideas for some random acts of kindness? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Random Acts Of Kindness Week, Woozens!

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