Quack Quack, Woozens!

Hey Woozens!

Remember Donald Duck? The Disney duck with a funny voice and a short temper? Of course you do! Well, did you know he's turning... Wait for it... 84 (!!!) years old on June 9?!

You read that right! Donald Duck made his first debut on June 9, 1934. Looks pretty good for his age, huh?

To celebrate this little quacker, we'll have some fun, duck-related activities all week! There will be quests, a quiz, a maze aaand a contest for you! Waddle your way over to your Quest Journal now to check out your first quest. *Hint* It might have something to do with those cute, little ducks that are appearing all over Woozworld...

That's not all we'll have for you, though... Keep an eye on ShopZ for more ducky goodies later in the week!

Now... What are you waiting for, Woozens? Get quackin'!

Your quackin' Woozband