Promposal Video Challenge

Creative Woozens,

Promposals are a fun way to ask your date to prom. It's a way for you to think outside the box in asking the one you have your eye on "will you be my date for prom?".

We know that Woozens are very clever and wanted to see how you would ask your prom date to prom. Get funny, get serious, and make us cry - you are driving this story remember to work with your prom date in creating the video Rules for the contest are below.

- Submissions are from June 1 to June 16

- Only 2 Woozens can work on a video

- Only one submission per prom couple [2] (the submitter will be the "designated" Woozen of contact)

- Video must be uploaded to YouTube, UNLISTED, and submitted HERE

- In the submission, please provide the username of the prom date as well as gender pronouns for a title

- Video has to be less than 2:00 [2 minutes]

- Video must follow Woozworld Code of Conduct - no personal information/pictures

We are asking for the video to be unlisted because we don't want others to steal ideas/plagarize. Videos can be set to public on June 17.

Finalists and the winner will receive an exclusive title.

Now, get writing and filming Woozens!

Woozworld Staff