Prom Sabotage 2004: Who did it?

Investigating Woozens,

We've got another case of prom sabotage on our hands!

This time, we're heading back to 2004 where the prom mysteriously had its power cut just before it was set to begin. No power means no A/C, no lights, no music, no WIFI! (jk, it's 2004, what's WIFI?)

Of course, we've narrowed down our suspect list to two: Madison and Jacob. They were both seen in the vicinity of the cable room just before the power was cut.

Before you meet them, here's a little backstory on each of our suspects.

Madison can be a little... Much. Valedictorian, student body president, and head of the prom planning committee, she has a lot on her plate, but that's how she likes it. Madison isn't always the most friendly, but she is incredibly organized. She can be very curt, but her dedication to perfection is unparalleled.

Jacob is shy and bookish. Often referring to himself as a nerd, he's friendly and well-liked, though he keeps his friend group small. Jacob loves planning events and parties, which is what led him to the prom planning committee. He's quiet and non-confrontational and keeps a busy social life.

Hard to believe either of these students could be involved in any form of sabotage, but no one else could have done it. Who do you think it was?

Check your Quest Journal soon to meet both of our suspects! We really can't figure this one out without you.