Prom Royalty 2k21

Prom-lovin' Woozens,

You've undoubtedly been wondering what's going on with Prom Royalty this year. Well, I'm here to tell you to wonder no more! We have alllll the answers to the most important questions.

First things first, what is Prom Royalty?

Like every year during Woozworld prom, we award Woozens with some coveted Prom Royalty Titles. In past years, we've had Prom Kings, Queens and Crowns. This year, we have opted to steer completely clear of any gendered titles. Anyone who wins will be crowned Prom Royalty 2k21 regardless of their gender identity. This way, no one feels left out or pressured to choose a title they aren't 100% comfortable with.

Next, how can YOU become Prom Royalty?

Participation is key here, people!

In order to become an official Prom Royalty 2k21 nominee, you must have helped to capture some of those pesky saboteurs appearing around Woozworld. It will also greatly help your chances if you completed all the interrogation quests from your Quest Journal this month.

There will be forty nominees who you'll get to choose from. The nominees will be made up of the following:

  • The top 20 Woozens who've caught the most saboteurs (without cheating!!!)
  • 20 Woozens at random who helped catch saboteurs AND completed all their interrogation quests
  • Prom Royalty 2k21 nominees will be announced the day of Prom (July 2) and voting (by you!) will take place over the weekend. Winners will be announced the following week!

Ooooh la la! What's the prize for Prom Royalty?

Not only will you get an EXCLUSIVE title and two EXCLUSIVE hairs with crowns, but you'll also walk away with some Wooz and Beex! All nominees will also get an exclusive title as well as some Wooz and Beex.

Think you have what it takes to become Prom Royalty 2k21?! Get out there and show us!

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