Prom 2k19: Your Definitive Party Guide

Hellooooo Woozens!

As you know, we are throwing quite the party for Prom this year. In fact, it's such a party that it's actually four separate parties! And we're here to give you all the details.

On Tuesday, June 25, get ready to be visited by Woozworld's favourite lovebirds, Max and Jenny! They'll be visiting Unitz with "Prom 2k19" in the title starting at 4PM WT.

On Wednesday, June 26, Jay's gonna be making the rounds! He'll also be visiting Unitz with "Prom 2k19" in the title. Keep your eyes peeled for him starting at 3PM WT!

Thursday, June 27, it's Mya's turn to tour! Just like the rest of the Woozband, Mya will be visiting your Prom Unitz with "Prom 2k19" in the title. She'll be starting her tour at 4PM WT.

Then, on Friday, June 28, the official Woozworld Prom will take place with YadaYada and Plush as your hosts! They'll be starting things off at 5PM WT in the HollyWooz Prom 2k19 Unitz. After they've made some important announcements, they'll be visiting more Woozen-design Prom 2k19 Unitz!

For every Unitz that's visited from the 25 to 28th, the Prom Host (Unitz owner) will receive a Prom 2k19 Party Animal title and some Wooz as a token of our appreciation! Read more about that here.

So, there ya have it! Your official Prom 2k19 schedule. With so many parties going on, there's no excuse not to put on your dancing shoes! Let us know in the comments below which party you're most looking forward to!

Your Excited Woozband

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