Prom 2k19 Activities

Promtastic Woozens,

We are sooooooo excited to tell you that June is going to be ALL about Prom. We have a huge month planned and we're GUESSING you want to know what the theme is? Or maybe when the Prom event will be? Well, bear with us as we have a lot to tell you.

Derick Dunn's Dilemma

Our most popular HollyWooz celebrity is having a tough time deciding who to ask to Prom this year. He's famously been the center of a feud with Camilla Cooper and Zoey Zellers, as you know. After getting back with Camilla, and having a rumored proposal backfire, he's trying to start anew. You will meet with him and help decide who he asks to Prom!

Promposals (June 6 to June 13)

Do you know who you're going to ask to prom? Or (more importantly?) HOW? It's Promposal season and we want to see how you ask! A promposal is when you ask someone to prom... In style. Will it be sky-writing? A lip-synch? The classic kneel? Whatever you decide on, WE want to know how you do it. Find out soon how you can participate.

Prom King & Queen

The contest you have allllllllll been waiting for. This year, you will get to choose if you want to run for Prom King or Queen. We will have a 24h voting period before the final prom event. You will get all the Prom King & Queen information in the week of June 10.

Prom Events

We will be doing 4 days of Prom starting on June 25 and ending on June 28. The prom theme for 2k19 will be HollyWooz! Every day will be hosted by a different Woozband and we will visit your Prom events and give out some special gifts. Stay tuned to find out how you can get one!

We have a lot happening but here you have the main events. We can't WAIT to celebrate prom with you!

Your Promed Woozband

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