Prom 2020: Unitz Design Finalists!

Hey Woozens!

As you know, your Top 5 prominees have been working hard to create the perfect Wild West Prom Unitz! Now that they have completed their Unitz, it's time for YOU to vote for your fave!

Whoever gets the most votes from each title, will be crowned the winner!

Check out their Unitz below by following the links! Once you've checked 'em all out, don't forget to VOTE for your fave before Friday at 9 AM WT!

Reign Prominees

Top 5

  1. ivanxv's Unitz
  2. iBree's Unitz
  3. -Zoella-'s Unitz
  4. -Sina-'s Unitz
  5. AppleCiderVine's Unitz

Royalty Prominees

Top 5

  1. x3-Fashion-x3's Unitz
  2. yanrei's Unitz
  3. Calculations's Unitz
  4. ---Sunday's Unitz
  5. xEnce's Unitz

Ruler Prominees

Top 5

  1. Daviid's Unitz
  2. iloveyewtube's Unitz
  3. Casaundra's Unitz
  4. rockboy44's Unitz
  5. yeezuzzz's Unitz

So, what are you waiting for? Giddy up and VOTE!