Prepare for PANDAmonium!

Over the last week or so, a PANDAmic has swept the Woozworld office... We've been obsessed with... PANDA VIDEOS! Pandas playing, pandas falling, pandas sleeping, pandas sneezing. We. Love. It. And we just couldn't BEAR to keep it to ourselves any longer!

So, for a limited time only... Your purchases of Wooz from the Woozworld Store could land you with a pair of Panda Blocks UnikZ! Show off your love for these trumbling, clumsy, adorable creatures.

Starting today (Friday, August 10) 12 PM WT until Wednesday, August 15, for every 3,000 Wooz you get from the Woozworld Store, you will receive a pair of Panda Blocks UnikZ. There's a maximum of 5 UnikZ per Woozen.

You can follow achievements in the UnikZ category to know how far away you are from the next gift.

Will you be walking BEARfoot? Put your best paw forward, Woozens!

Your IndePANDAnt Woozband