Pre-Prom Unitz Design

Design-loving Woozens,

We KNOW you're excited for Prom!

But before Prom... We have Pre-Prom!

We want you to create a Unitz where you can hangout with your friends before Prom. Your Pre-Prom Unitz doesn't need a dance floor a stage or anything... But it should match Prom's theme (HollyWooz.) Think of it as a chill place you ccould add the final touches to your outfit or a photogenic place you can get the perfect Prom pics with your friends. There's not a wrong way to make a Pre-Prom Unitz... So go crazy! Just make sure to use furniture from the Prom category of ShopZ!

You submit your Unitz (and read the contest rules) by June 14 HERE!

So... It's time to get out there and get your Pre-Prom on!