Park Ranger Program CANCELLED

Hey all you cool dinos and rexes!

It's me again, Isabelle.

And, unfortunately, I have some bad news...

There's been an invasion of sorts at Dino Crossing.

What I can only describe as prehistoric-looking insects have begun buzzing around all over Dino Crossing. And they're attacking my eggs! My precious eggs!

Now, I'm not one to start rumors, but I believe this is an act of... Sabotage! A woman like me does not make it to the top of the dinosaur world without making a few enemies, after all.

Because I don't know much about these insects and because they seem to be very hostile, I regret to inform you that I will no longer be hiring any new Park Rangers at the moment. It's just too dangerous with these darned bugs! I don't know enough about them to ensure your safety. I'm deeply, deeply sorry, Woozens.

You'll always be Rangers in my heart, mind and soul.

Your friend,


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