Pyjama Party-Hard!

Sleepy Woozens,

Pyjama Day is almost here, and who doesn't love wearing comfy clothes that match their cool style? We're super excited for this special day!

But this year, our party starts a little before bedtime, so get ready for a sleep-over contest!

Grab your friends, and take a cool photo to show how you're going to spend the night. Will it be a movie marathon? Playing games? Or maybe just gossiping until the sun comes up?

The most hilarious, creative, and well-put-together selfies will win Wooz, a Profile Theme, and a shiny title!

That way, everyone will know that your sleepover was the best!

But don't forget to get some sleep too, okay? It's important to rest up after all that fun!


- Only you and 4 more Woozens can be in the photo. This is not only a party, but a sleepover party.

- This contest is in groups of 5 Woozens, don't forget to write their names in your submission. But a minimum of two is already enough for a sleepover party!

- Please ensure your picture adheres to the theme and complies with the Woozworld code of conduct.

- Your submission must be done and sent by April 15, at 3 p.m. W.T.

Submit your entry right HERE