OMZ Improvement: Meet Jim and Val!

Design-loving Woozens,

Meet Woozworld's top interior designers, Jim and Val! These two have been working together for years and are the best decorating duo around. Maybe you haven't heard of them before, but you'll definitely be hearing about them in the next few weeks... They're collaborating with one of Woozworld's most popular furniture lines: OMZ!

With their collaboration coming, we sat down for a chat with this productive pair.

Woozworld (W): Happy to have you hear, Jim and Val. First things first, how did you both get started in designing?

Jim (J): I can't remember a time that I didn't know I wanted to be a designer. It's always been my only goal. Let me put it this way: growing up I had dollhouses, but no dolls. I redecorated my bedroom every season. My favorite birthday gift? A roll of wallpaper. So... You get it.

Val (V): I took a little longer than my partner to figure out my path. I dabbled in a few other fields; carpentry, architecture, construction... Before figuring out interior design was for me. Something about a perfectly laid out plan and a happy customer is just so satisfying.

W: Wow! Sounds like you were both destined for design. Do you think you have an edge on your competition because you're a team?

J: Definitely. We make a great team. I don't think many designers have what we have.

V: I agree. We're very different, but our differences complement each other.

W: Different? How so?

J: I'd say I'm definitely the more imaginative of the two of us. I come up with grand ideas and-

V: I make those grand ideas happen. I'd say I'm more... Practical. I have the know-how to make Jim's ideas a reality, but sometimes I have to rein them in.

W: Sounds like a perfect match! Now... We hear you have a couple things in the works for our Woozens?

V: Yes! As you know, we're collaborating with your amazing furniture line, OMZ. We're very excited about what we'll be bringing to you all.

J: That's not all, though! We're also bringing you Woozworld's very first Furniture Design Contest! We've heard that Woozens are incredibly creative and talented and we can't wait to see what they come up with.

W: Awesome! Our Woozens will definitely be happy to hear about this. Thanks so much for chatting with us today, Jim and Val!

How cool is this??

Our very first Furniture Design Contest will begin soon. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog with all the info you need!

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