October Activities

Hello, Woozens!

Hi there, I'm Xantarra, your friendly Zyxalarian alien!

I'm here to share all the exciting things coming up in October through this out-of-this-world blog.

I've heard rumors about the school and the Camp Trip being canceled, but let's not worry and focus on having a good time.

Currently, I am at Camp Olympus and I must say, it is incredibly comfortable here.

The scenery is stunning with a serene lake, verdant forests, a refreshing breeze, and hardly any insects.

It's like a fantasy come true! Just envision all the enjoyable activities we can engage in, such as Selfie, UnitZ, drawing, and writing competitions.

My goodness, we cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity. Therefore, get prepared for my amazing strategy...

Principal Philbert will share his final decision about the Camp Trip on October 6th, regardless of what he decides...

Wait a second...

Did you hear that?

Hold on...

I think I hear something rustling in the trees...

Are those... Red... Glowing... Eyes?

Oh no...


NO! NO!!

Please, send help! Send Help! HELP! H--

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