November Activities.

Happy November, Woozens!

We have been deep into Miss Miraje's WnW campaign (featuring Plush of course) and whether or not Plush will get his shoes back. Most importantly, will YOU save Woozworld from the Punisher?? Session 4 and 5 are on the way and will be available in November. You may just find yourself a unique profile theme and more goodies once you complete 'em.

This November, we will be indulging in the lavish life of HollyWooz and catching up on some of our celebrities. Lara LeChic and Derick Dun will be looking for a new stylist while Becky Bennet and Eddie Egot are in need of some interior design. With what furniture, you ask? Stay tuned...

Towards the end of November, we will be hosting a WoozCup right in HollyWooz. But more on that a little later...

In the week of November 6 and November 13, we won't have new bundles available. What will we have instead? Well... you'll need to come back and see of course! BUT, we can guarantee that the previous November outfit bundles will be available starting Tuesday November 8.

Lots to look forward too... and maybe a WoozPaper or two will make a grand return.

Enjoy your November,

Woozworld Staff

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