News from Sowilo

Happy start to the week, Woozens!


Rising Star and Unitz Freestyle results will be available at 3 pm WT!


New Weekly Quiz about Christmas, are you ready?


I'll be here to play games with you! :) Don't forget to set your event around 3 PM WT!


Last day to vote for your fav Zoomie Outfits!

Treasure Thursday is up for a challenge, are you?


Christmas is approaching fast. Are your presents ready?

Are you expecting a special discount, to put on your last-minute gift list ;) 


You still have time to submit for Star of the Week!


This day is reserved for fun activities such as contests, mazes, and trivia questions.

This week's reminder!

Did you saw Mr Zoom? The Zoomworld quest continues!

I think I might saw something about... BestiZ?

As every week, don't miss any of the latest selfie contests!

You don't have to submit an outfit to vote for your favorite style!

Go have fun and try your fashion style!

Chuck's Market is always hidden in a different part of Woozworld, never the same place, never the same items available!

You've got from Friday to Monday to try and find it!

Good luck!

Don't forget to open your gifts in the advent calendar; if you've missed a day, the calendar tokens are there for you!

That's it for the updates this week! :D

Keep an eye on the little notifications at the bottom right of your screens!

It's a good reminder not to miss me when hosting activities, contests, special offers, and more!

Take care guys!


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