News from Sowilo

Happy start to the week, Woozens!


Don't miss the results for Rising Star and the Unitz Freestyle contest, today at 3 PM WT.


6 questions about Christmas and December, do you have the answers?


Be ready at 3 PM WT, it's the Runway Fashion!

You'll need to wear at least 1 piece from the new Knitteral or Tendersome collection!


It's Treasure Thursday! And we'll have a surprise reward for this week's winner!


It's time to vote for your favorite Christmas Selfie Contest!


It's time to search for Chuck's market! New items will be on sale, but you'll have to find it!

Little hint: it won't be in the same place as last week!


Last chance to submit your SOTW outfit! :D

This week's reminder!

Don't forget to open your gifts in the advent calendar; if you've missed a day, the calendar tokens are there for you!

This week, we're getting to the heart of the matter - Zoomies! The quest you received last week was just the beginning.

New activities will be available, including the old and new Zoomies!

That's it for the updates this week! :D

Keep an eye on the little notifications at the bottom right of your screens!

It's a good reminder not to miss me when hosting activities, contests, special offers, and more!

Take care guys!


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