News from Sowilo

Happy start to the week, Woozens!


You still have time to vote for your favorite demigod style!


Last Weekly Quiz of November, are you ready for it?


This week, the Fashion Runway Show theme will be based on the zodiac sign!

In order to receive the prize you need to wear at least one item from the new outfits!

See you at 3 PM WT in my Unitz!


As you know, it's treasure Thursday!


Happy 1st of December!


You still have time to vote for your favorite Freestyle Unitz!


A day off? No, there are mazes, selfie contests, votes to give, and mini-games to excel in! What are you waiting for?

This week's reminder!

Hurry up and don't waste any more time finishing the trial of the gods!

You have until November 29 at 12h AM WT to collect the ambrosias.

Don't forget to open your gifts, in the advent calendar, and if you've missed a day, the calendar tokens are there for you!

Treasure hunt,

Every week, a chest is hidden in Woozworld.

To find out where it is, clues are posted on our networks every Friday. When you find the 4 chests of the month, you'll receive a title! You have from Friday 4 PM to Monday 12 PM to find them!

That's it for the updates this week! :D

Keep an eye on the little notifications at the bottom right of your screens!

It's a good reminder not to miss me when I'm hosting activities, contests, special offers, and more!

Take care guys!


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