News from Sowilo

Happy start to the week, Woozens!


The results of the Rising Star and Unitz contests are in!


New weekly quiz, are you ready?

And don't forget, I'll be there to play your games at 3PM WT! Create an event, so I can see who's ready to play!


Let's have a little chat! Come at my Garden at 3 PM WT


Treasure Thursday is ready for you! Come and challenge your Greek knowledge!


You still have time to submit your SOTW outfits! 


Don't forget to submit your look for Star of the Week!


Whether it's contests, mazes, or trivia, this is the day to have fun!

What is the Weekly Quiz?

It's in Weekly Quiz - Nov 14. (It will be updated tomorrow ;)

It's 6 questions, to which you must have the right answer.

Likewise, it changes every Tuesday and gives you recolor tokens, experience, and beex!

Treasure Thursday is one question per week, with 3 answer choices.

There's a top 10 runner-up chosen at random. The top 10 receive 2000 wooz. The overall winner is also randomly selected, and receives, 8000 wooz!

The demigod selfie contest has been extended and now you have the opportunity to submit a second entry.

That's it for the updates this week! :D

Keep an eye on the little notifications at the bottom right of your screens!

It's a good reminder not to miss me when I'm hosting activities, contests, special offers, and more!

Take care guys!


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