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Happy start of the week Woozens!

So I'm trying something new, which will please some and not others, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I've read your comments and suggestions and I agree with you that the weekly news has become redundant! 

As an animator of the Woozworld English community, I'm here to host events like runaway fashion shows, games, and talk shows, but most importantly, I'm here for you!

There will be a Runaway fashion show on Wednesday at 3 pm WT. Wear your most divine outfit :D

As every week, the selfie contests are presented right here

The difference between Star of The Week and Rising Star?

Star of the Week, you have to wear at least 2 of the week's new outfits!

Rising Star, it's open to everyone, with no specific items to wear! Have fun and try new things!

The Unitz contests are also posted here in due course!

As for the disappearance of Zeuse and the future of Colony Vi, keep your eyes open to sincerely answer a few questions and discover your divine descendants

Which gods' descendants do you hope to be?

For assistance with missing prices, titles, or achievements, please contact our support team. 

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write them in the suggestion box, right here

I would be delighted to hear from you.

However, please keep in mind that when requesting improvements, it is always helpful to have a clear idea of what you would like to see addressed.

And just to clarify, "more wooz" is not a suggestion ;)

Take care guys!


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