News from Sowilo February 12 - February 18

Happy start of the week, Woozens!


Do not miss the results of Rising Star and Unitz Freestyle, today at 3 PM!


The Weekly Quiz this week, will be all about the Black History Month!

Let's highlight the obstacles and victories that have been achieved for equality.

Without forgetting that there's still a lot to do!


I will host Dice Climbing at 3 PM WT! Do not miss it :)

Happy Valentine's Day!


Treasure Thursday is ready for you!

Are you ready for it?


Keep an eye out for the Carnival Selfie Contest!


The voting starts for the Best Resort Room!

The top 6 will have their Unitz integrated into the Royale Woozalia Resort


Did you find Chuck's Market?

This week's reminder!

Treasure Thursday is every week.

We ask you a question with 3 choices of answers!

We draw from those who answer the question correctly. 

The Top 10 win 2000 wooz, and the winner receives 8000 wooz. 

Social Contest

As every week, don't miss any of the latest selfie contests!

You don't have to submit an outfit to vote for your favorite style!

Go have fun!

Don't forget about the Unitz Contest, they are all in the same place!

Chuck's Market is always hidden in a different part of Woozworld, never the same place, never the same items available!

You've got from Friday to Monday to try and find it!

Good luck!

Need more info? Read the blog, HERE

February Calendar

Don't forget to open your gifts in the advent calendar; if you've missed a day, the calendar tokens are there for you!

Treasure hunt!

Every week, a chest is hidden in Woozworld from Friday to Sunday.

To find out where it is, clues are posted on our networks every Friday at 5 p.m. WT.

When you find the 4 chests of the month, you'll receive a title!

That's it for the updates this week! :D

Keep an eye on the little notifications at the bottom right of your screens!

It's a good reminder not to miss me when hosting activities, contests, special offers, and more!

Take care guys!


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