Newly Discovered Fireball Flower

A great discovery has been made, Woozens!

Recently, Basil has discovered 2 new species of a rare flower. After some planting, watering and growing, he is able to sell his sizzling discovery.

Now available in ShopZ is the Blue Fireball Flower. Discovered in the Mystic region, this piping hot plant produces its own cuprous chloride. When activating the flower, it shoots out a blue fireball. Careful not to get in its way...

Also available is the Bouncing Fireball Flower. As Basil was strolling through Lib Street, he saw something spectacular... A small plant that emitted smoke. He carefully dug it up and brought it back to his greenhouse for analysis. He believes a single seed made it's way to Lib Street from an unknown area. After some fertilizer tests, he was able to make it bigger and produce lots of it. When activating the flower, a ball of fire will start bouncing forward and nothing (and we mean nothing) will stop it.

The Bouncing Fireball Flower will be given to you as a gift for every 3,000 Wooz you receive from the Woozworld Store. Each Woozen will only be able to receive 10. They will later be tradable/sellable in your markets.

Please try not to burn anything down with these precious plants. Try to be a Mario and not a Drogon.

Your Fiery Woozband