New York Unitz Contest: Top 5

Big City Woozens,

Woozworld streets have never being so full of snow, merry lights and... is that leftover pizza with some rats? Ahhh... New York... Such a magical place!

We asked you to create (or recreate) a New York corner here in Woozworld, and you've sent us many submissions! Here are our top 5 picks for the New York City Planners.






The winners will get a Reward with 12 000 Wooz, 500 000 Beex and also an Achievement + Title to show off in Woozworld!

And no worry, the UnitZ Contests of this month are only starting! Click here to participate on the Jolly Woozmas Village Contest!

Keep exploring and creating amazing places, Woozen!

Woozworld Staff