New Year's Resolutions for 2020

Hey Woozens!

Did everyone have a Happy New Year's? Can you believe it's already the year 2020?? Time is F L Y I N G by, dont'cha think?

You may remember that we asked you to send in your 2020 New Year's Resolutions and explain them in 20 words or less. Everyone had some very inspiring aspirations that they wish to accomplish in the next 365 days. We are sure you'll have no problem reaching your goals.

You guys shared a TON of New Year's Resolutions, and we had a blast reading all of them! We've tallied up the most popular resolutions and thought we should share them with you. Maybe there's something in the list that you might want to accomplish this year, you never know!

Here are the most popular New Year's Resolutions for 2020:

Study More

Many of you are working your butts off to graduate, which is amazing! We know school can become suuuuper overwhelming at times, and while passing your courses and tests are important, don't let the stress stop you from living your life! Staying on top of your studies is an excellent resolution that will help you out in the long run. Some of you also want to focus on tests and studies outside of school! There are many of you that are focused on getting their driver's licences, or completing a course for a musical instrument or certificate which is definitely a goal you can accomplish in the next year! A great way to motivate yourself to keep up with your studies is to get some new school supplies (Fun pens and post-its) and a 2020 agenda and plan everything out ahead of time! Try to reserve a block of time for each day to focus on your studies/practicing, so that you don't find yourself falling behind and stressing out (Cause you also need to make time to live your life and sleep)!

Spend Time With Family

Family. is. so. important! There were A LOT of you that mentioned that you want to spend more time with your family, which you definitely should! It's always nice to see the fam, even if it's just an afternoon hang! Some of you may live far away from home, so the New Year is a great time to look over your calendar of the year ahead and schedule some visits home! For those of you at home, put ya phones down and go for a walk, watch a movie, or bake some cookies with the fam!

Focus On Friendships

Many of you expressed that you want to focus on the friendships that you have, which is amazing! Nothing can cheer you up like a good gang that has your back. If you're feeling like there are some toxic relationships in your life, don't let them hold you back from enjoying your year. Focus on having friends that treat you with respect, loyalty, and are always in the mood for a spontaneous adventure (Because who doesn't love spontaneity?). Wanna meet more people that share the same interests as you? That's easy! Join a sports team, start a book club, sign up for Yoga classes, take an art course, volunteer at music festivals, the list goes on! Find something that interests you and you'll meet so many people that you will be able to call good friends one day!

Take Risks

Whether it's asking someone out, having the courage to speak up in class, or, even booking a trip, MANY of you mentioned that you wanted to take some risks and face your challenges. We all have our own challenges and anxieties that we try to avoid everyday, so why not start facing them in 2020?! Start small, but try doing something that scares you! We don't mean jump into a pool of snakes, but try to do something that you have always wanted to do but have been too nervous to do, like speaking up in class, for instance. Why not start a journal and write down every challenge that you overcome? By the end of 2020, you'll be amazed at everything that you've accomplished!

Be A Better Person

We're sure you're allllllll very nice people, but many of you mentioned that you want to become better people! There are so many ways that you can achieve this goal! We know, we know, it's not always pleasant helping a friend move or driving them to the class, but it's an excellent way to lend a helping hand to someone else! Looking for something bigger? Try volunteering in your spare time, donate to a cause that is close to your heart, or help a stranger if they slip on the ice. Whatever it is, just try to always remember to spread the love!

Be Healthier

Ah, the classic New Year's Resolution! After weeks of binging on goodies and cookies, we're all reminded that we have to get back into our routine of eating healthy and going to the gym. This resolution was shared by a lot of you! It's an excellent resolution to have for the year...but don't let it hold you back from enjoying a cookie here and there. A great way to stick to this resolution and avoiding having McDonald's for dinner 3 times a week is to start meal prepping your food for the following week! This will help you save up some money AND help you learn a whole new skill! There is a whole world of recipes out there. Find out what you like cooking the most and make it for your family, your friends, or even your crush!

BUT...The number one resolution that most of you shared, was that you want to be happy in the year 2020! Now, we KNOW you can all accomplish this goal this year! Whether it's by passing an upcoming math test, talking to your crush, or, donating some of your old clothes, there are soooo many ways to achieve happiness! You don't need us to tell you how to live your life (These are all just suggestions, obvi)! Do what makes you happy, and don't let others bring you down!

Thanks for sharing all of your New Year's Resolutions with us, Woozens! We really appreciate it! We hope 2020 brings you plenty of happiness and new adventures!

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