NEW Unitz Design Contest Feature


Have we got an awesome update for YOU!

You may remember a while back we introduced a new Selfie Contest feature. Well now, we're bringing this feature to a whole new level with, you guessed it, Unitz Design Contests!!

That's right, we are adding Unitz Design Contests to the newest feature to help you show off your amazing design skills aaaaand win some awesome prizes!

To enter a Unitz Contest, you'll need to follow all the same instructions as the Selfie Contests. We may ask you to use a certain furniture line, or even, a specific Unitz!

Of course, we know there have been a few comments about the voting system... Sooooooo, we've made some new *technical* changes to the way the voting system works! Without getting into the nitty-gritty, we wanna reassure you that we've made a few tweaks on our end and have included a Voting Limit to each contest to ensure there will be no cheating when it comes to the voting system. As always, we want all of our Woozens to have a fun and safe experience when they play Woozworld. Remember to always follow the Code of Conduct, otherwise, you risk getting a sanction!

Keep your eye on the Contests section in the Main Menu to find out when you can enter your designs into the first Unitz Design Contest!

Happy designing!

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