New Event Alert: Rapid Fire!

Hey Woozens!

There's a new event in town!

Rapid Fire is a fun, fast-paced event where you get to learn about the Woozband. This is how it works:

  1. You get in line (NO CUTTING)
  2. You come up with an either/or question (ie pancakes or waffles, movies or music, tea or coffee, etc)
  3. Once it's your turn, click on the 'IN' tile and say your either/or question to the Woozband member
  4. Answer the Either/Or question in the White Podz
  5. Say bye, because it's someone else's turn!

It's as simple as that! You're sure to learn a lot as you wait your turn, so be sure to pay attention :)

One random winner from the Either/Or question will win a new hair from the next new collection, so be sure to answer the question!

Hope to see you at Rapid Fire soon!

Your Rapid Fire Woozband