NationZ Fest: Save the Date

Superstar Woozens,

Great job everyone! Over a million Fame Tokens have been awarded and we have some amazing candidates for the title of Woozworld's Next Superstar in each NationZ!

Now that I am fully convinced that this is a worthwhile investment, shall we schedule a date?

Mark your calendars for the NationZ Fest happening on September 8th at 4 PM W.T. This festival is going to be the grandest event Woozworld has ever witnessed, so don't miss out!

I will personally announce the 5 upcoming Woozworld stars, with a twist: I will conceal the Leaderboard a few days before our Festival. The excitement and anticipation are what make show business so great!

Can I share some exciting news with you? Something is coming up soon!

The winner of Woozworld's Next Superstar competition will receive an impressive prize of 50,000 Wooz, a golden frame featuring the NationZ Fest Logo, a special title, a stylish profile theme, and a one-of-a-kind PoseZ. With these rewards, the winner will be recognized as a truly famous individual.

Additionally, the top 20 artists from each NationZ will receive rewards such as 10,000 Wooz, a unique title, and a profile theme. These amazing prizes are available for everyone to enjoy!

I understand that some of you may have questions regarding our contests. Rest assured, I am here to provide assistance and address any concerns you may have.

Question: How long should the songs be for the Voice of NationZ and Battle of the Bands videos?

Assistant Answer: Mr. Melodious prefers videos that aren't too long, so try to keep them under 5 minutes, okay?

Question: Do we need to use the same song in both contests?

Assistant Answer: Nope, there's no need to use the same song for both contests. You can pick different songs for each one if you want.

Question: Can any song be used for the Battle of the Bands? And should the Woozens dance in the video or do something specific?

Assistant Answer: Feel free to select any song that adheres to Woozworld's policies and guidelines. As you create your video, envision it as a music video for your band and infuse it with the same level of excitement as your preferred music videos.

Question: Do I need to sing in my band's Battle of the Bands video, or is it mainly to show off our band's performance?

Assistant Answer: No need to sing in the Battle of the Bands video. Just focus on showing off your band's awesome performance,

Question: Now that we have the NationZ Fest date, are there any changes to the contests?

Assistant Answer: Yes! Mr. Melodious wants to give you more time to make your awesome creations shine. The contests will now run until September 3rd.

Question: When will the activities and quests for WNS end?

Assistant Answer: The quests will stop appearing a few days before the NationZ Fest, on September 6. This will build up the excitement and suspense, as Mr. Melodious wants to create a thrilling moment!

With all your questions answered, get ready to rock the stage!

Mel Odious - Rich, Successful, Vegan, and did I say rich?