NationZ Fest is Canceled?

Stay cool, no need to worry!

Have you heard the news? Mel Odious has vanished without a trace. It's as if they just disappeared into thin air.

Luna-chan believes he may have been taken, while Marty Mardi thinks he got lost at a party. However, Miss Miraje confirmed he will not return.

Arya Klyn and Emily Ember have a different opinion. They believe that Mel Odious achieved the fame he desired and moved on to the next "big festival" with his artists.

But remember, the NationZ Fest is NOT Mel Odious Fest!

It's all about Woozworld and the NationZ Fest, sponsored by a group of sponsors.

Our new host Sowilo is our awesome replacement for Mel Odious, who disappeared..

Get ready for the big reveal on September 8 at 4 H.W.!

We will announce the 5 Woozworld Next Superstars and which NationZ earned the most fame.

Woozworld's Next Superstar competition winner will receive a cool Title and Profile Skin. Woozens with the most fame in their NationZ will also be rewarded. It's up to you to showcase your best performance in these final days of the NationZ Fest. The outcome is in your hands!

Woozworld Staff

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