Mystimals On The Loose

**UPDATE (April 8): The Mystimals have gone back to Mystic Alley after their curious adventure into Woozworld. You can continue to collect them (gently of course) in Mystic Alley.**

**UPDATE (April 5): Woah! It seems that the Mystimals have started appearing all around Woozworld and not just Mystic Alley. Keep your eyes out for them, Woozens!**

Mystical Woozens,

A surprise has emerged from the new Mystic Alley! Mystimals have started coming out of the woods, curious about Woozens, as they haven't seen any of you before.

The adorable creatures seem very inquisitive and playful and we want to learn as much about them as possible! Collect them (gently) for observation and you might just get to keep one for yourself.

Different Mystimals are native to different parts of Mystic Alley, so, if you want to see them all, you'll have to be ready to do some travelling!

Happy collecting!

Your Mystimal-loving Woozband