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Hello Woozens!

Yesterday, I was there to talk a little bit about horoscopes and to tell you about what the stars had in store for you for March.

For those who missed me, don't worry, you will know everything by reading this blog!

And even a little more detail ;)

March we have 2 signs, Pisces and Aries!

Let's start with Pisces

This is a month where many of you may experience that you've reached a point where you realise there is more to you and your life than what meets the eye.

However, that's the beauty of being in 'Pisces Season', for this is the perfect time for you to connect with your inner self and discover the possibilities that lay within the magical world that's inside of you.

Smile silently as the rest of the world gazes upon you with dropped jaws as things begin to occur 'magically' within your life.


There's no point in having a voice, if you aren't using it to express how you truly feel.

This isn't about being talkative or extroverted, nor is it about blurting out whatever comes into your mind.

This is letting down your guard and expressing your vulnerable side.

It's about being comfortable and confident enough to be real.

It's important you understand that there's a big difference between being 'loud' and being 'real'.


Sometimes, things do get messy. No matter how much we try to control things, something or the other will always slip through.

Life is a series of events, testing us constantly, on how willing we are to grow and how soon are we able to adapt to the situation at present without the past weighing us down.

As painful as past losses can be, there is nothing we can truly do about it – except, to move on.

Instead of lamenting on the past, or worrying about a future that's yet to come, try focusing on enjoying the present for what it is.


This month is all about establishing your boundaries and making sure that they are respected by others and yourself.

Do not be afraid of being 'the bad guy'. It's perfectly alright to say a big 'no' to the unreasonable demands that others insensitively impose upon you.

Always remember that your peace of mind and your personal, as well as emotional safety, is far more valuable than the approval of others.

You don't need to prove you're a good person by giving far too much of yourself than you have the capacity for.


Sometimes the things we dismiss upon first sight may turn out to be a major blessing in disguise.

The key is to look beyond the surface, and take your time observing all that there is to be discovered, before making a decision about whether something is worthy of your time and effort or not.

This also applies to our relationships – romantic, platonic, familial, as well as, profession.

Of course, we should always trust our gut if we don't match with someone on a vibrational level.

However, be sure that the decision to avoid or accept is in alignment with your heart and soul, and not your mind and your ego.


Keep a check on your temper, for sometimes the things you say in a fit of rage can cause far more damage than an actual natural calamity.

This isn't to say that you have to swallow your pride and humble yourself before lesser beings.

However, rather than getting all riled up, it's best that you explore the other side of the argument without losing sight of or compromising your principles.

Rather than wasting your time dealing with petty issues that have the tendency to escalate, focus on the issues in your life that you're conveniently ignoring because, 'I just can't deal'.


Allow your heart to be open to receive love in all it's shapes and forms.

This isn't just limited to romantic love but it's about believing that you are worthy of being loved and you absolutely deserve love too.

In spite of your tendency to criticise others, and yourself in ways that are ''oh so harsh and cruel and all''.

Allow yourself to get out of the house and spend time with those who love you.

After all, you know far better than others that animals are way better companions than a vast majority of humans.


Sometimes surrendering yourself to the demands of work may seem like the best thing to keep you focused on something more productive than the turmoil of your personal life.

However, in doing so, you not only overburden yourself with work but you're also running away from the actual issue that needs to be addressed.

Always remember, work will never give you a hug and make you feel special.

Nor will it give you the peace of mind you need to progress further on your evolutionary journey.


Sometimes we get so accustomed to negative beliefs like 'suffering' and 'worthlessness' that they play a trick on our mind where we end up truly believe that we deserve to 'suffer'.

This is a month for you to address these problematic self-beliefs that do nothing but cripple your overall progress, as well as, hamper your ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

Step back and view yourself with a level of objectivity so that you can trace down the source of such negative chatter and find a way to heal the trauma of the past.


Always remember that no matter how dark the night may be, it is always followed by the dawn.

No matter how dire things may be, or how the pressures you face in life are growing in intensity – it is all temporary.

It, like all other, trying times will eventually come to an end. The battle may be over, but we are still left with the bruises and scars.

Embrace them wholeheartedly, because they are proof that you not only survived the tough times but are riding high and thriving away to glory.


Dear Capricorn, you must remember that you hold the secret to your own growth.

Open yourself to all possibilities. For most people, the sky is the limit for you, the universe as a whole is a limit. You do not have to fit neatly into a box.

Explore all possible horizons and keep an open mind and an open heart.

You'll be surprised by how your genuine keenness and powerful ambition will end up rewarding you handsomely in both the short, and, the long term.

Grab onto all opportunities that come your way. Dive into it all without fear, because you are being protected by divine cosmic forces of 'The Universe'.


Channel your natural sense of emotional detachment by being indifferent to the criticisms of those around you who shall be shocked as you take massive leaps of faith this week.

It's not your fault that their minds can't comprehend the genius foresight that you possess.

However, it's also not their fault that you march to the beat of your own drum.

However, the best way to win over people to support your decisions is through expressing your genuine enthusiasm and excitement for the possibilities that lay ahead.

I hope you have a wonderful month! Spring is on its way and I can't wait to get back to the warmth and sunshine.


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