Monsters Vs Woozens


Monsters are making a spooky entrance into Woozworld in October. What a twist to our camp trip!

Professor Zoe Kelvin Nowk has a plan to turn Bad Vibes into Good Vibes and spook the monsters right back!

The Professor is here to provide all the PoseZ needed to defeat monsters. Strike the correct PoseZ to win!

Every time we scare a monster, we earn a point for our team. But if a monster escapes, it's a point for the Monsters.

From now on, to October 30th, we have two leaderboards dedicated to protecting Woozworld from mysterious creatures.

For the first Leaderboard, you will only be able to get the 1-10 place 3 times maximum. The first time, you will get a reward from 1-10. The second time, you will get a reward from 11-20, and the 3rd time you will get a reward from 21-40. After this, you will no longer be placed in the leaderboard but will continue fighting against Monsters in the other leaderboard.

This exciting event will be available until October 30th, so more Woozens have the opportunity to win.

There is a second leaderboard that presents a community challenge.

If the Woozens defeat the monsters at the end of the event, everyone who helped defend Woozworld from at least 50 Monsters will receive a special Reward!

The monsters contaminated with Bad Vibes can be turned back into Good Vibes by Professor Zoe Kelvin Nowk.

They can then be utilized to create Titles, Profile Skins, and more.

It's time for Woozworld heroes to unite and defend against an unexpected threat.

Woozworld Staff

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