MONSTERS in Mystic Alley

Magical Woozens,

You've heard about Merlin and Squrilin. You've seen Mystimals. You've met a merperson and (maybe) a fairy. And the new Mystic Alley ain't done yet.

As you may know, warlock brothers Merlin and Squirlin aren't exactly on the best terms. They've each accused each other of using Cursed Magic and, while we don't know who's telling the truth, we do know that SOMEONE has been practicing some of the darker arts.

How do we know, you ask?

Oh... Just the SCARY FREAKIN' MONSTERS emerging in Mystic Alley!

Naturally, the Mystical Alley Kingdom called a Roundtable to figure out how to take care of this monstrous problem. Warlock Grimwar, representative of the Mystic Alley Witchcraft and Warlock Party (MAWWP), and Knight Theselius, head of the Knights' Coalition of Mystic Alley (KCMA), did not see eye-to-eye on the matter. We were lucky to get our hands on the minute-by-minute transcripts of this animated meeting.

Warlock Grimwar: We must destroy the creatures in the same way they were formed; through magic! With all of Mystic Alley's best wands on our side, these monsters shan't stand a chance.

*Warlock cheering*

Knight Theselius: -scoffs- Magic created these beasts! Grimwar, old boy, do you really think it wise to introduce more? We must fight these monsters the right way. They may have risen out of magic, but they will fall by the sword!

*Knight applause*

Warlock Grimwar: I will not carry a burdensome piece of metal... Not when I have a more powerful, more convenient instrument at my behest: my wand.

Knight Theselius: And I will not trade in my blade for a mere twig!

*unintelligible Warlock and Knight arguing*

Warlock Grimwar and Knight Theselius: SILENCE!

*somewhat awkward silence*

Warlock Grimwar: -clears throat- The means are not important. 'Tis the end upon which we must focus.

Knight Theselius: Very well, Grimwar. My Knights shall fight with the sword.

Warlock Grimwar: And the MAWWP with wands.

*Warlock Grimwar and Knight Theselius shake hands*

And there you have it, Woozens. The monsters will be fought by wand AND sword.

So, which do YOU think is the best tool to fight these monsters?

Let us know in the comments!

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