Missing Pumpkins: The Suspects

Investigating Woozens,

As you probably know by now, Basil has been the victim of a heinous crime: pumpkin thievery! All hope is not lost, though. Basil has some suspects in mind and, as promised, he's sharing them with you.

We can't waste anymore time with the pumpkins' safety on the line, so let's dive right into Basil's list of suspicious suspects!

First up is Daisy.

Daisy is a rival gardener. She and Basil have known each other for years, but that does not mean they're besties. In fact, they're the opposite. That's right, Daisy is Basil's frenemy. They try to keep it profesh, but everyone knows they can't stand each other. Daisy's pumpkins have always been second to Basil's and he thinks she might have gone ahead and eliminated her competition altogether.

Then there's Tony.

Tony is a baker. A very, very talented baker. A baker whose specialty is...Pumpkin pie. Yikes! He's had his eye on Basil's pumpkins in the past, but Basil would never let his precious pumpkins be massacred for a pie! Basil thinks Tony has taken matters into his own hands...And pans!

Next up, we have Peter.

Peter is a local anti-pumpkin activist. You read that right. The man hates pumpkins and he won't stand for them. He says they are a waste of space, ruin perfectly good baked goods and their seeds? "Just okay." He and Basil have had it out over pumpkins before and Basil thinks this is just the type of stunt he'd pull to get his anti-pumpkin message out there.

Lastly, there's Judy.

Judy is quiiiite the prankster. She and Basil have not always seen eye-to-eye when it comes to her "pranks." She definitely takes pranking to the next level. In the past, she's even gone so far as to transplant Basil's crops to different places! Don't worry, though, no plants were harmed in the process. Basil thinks she might be up to her old tricks once again.

Now that you've learned a little about each of Basil's suspects, who are leaning towards? Vote for your number one suspect in the Suspect Poll now. Soon, you'll be able to meet with them and (hopefully) find out where Basil's pumpkins have gotten to!

Happy investigating!

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