Missing Pumpkins FOUND!

Detective Woozens,

Thanks to you, the case of Basil's missing pumpkins is solved!

As you may know...Daisy was the thief all along!

Fuelled by annoyance and jealousy, Daisy stole Basil's pumpkins in an attempt to

Silence him. He does tend to go on and on (and on) about his pumpkins...

Take credit for his pumpkins and "save" the Fall Festival! As if Daisy could ever...

With Woozens on the case, though, there was no way Daisy would ever get away with it. After discovering an abundance of evidence in her yard, Basil was alerted and Daisy ended up singing like a canary. The pumpkins are now safely back with Basil.

Which means...

The Fall Festival is saved! We can't wait to celebrate this beautiful season (and these beautiful pumpkins!) with you all.

See you there!

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