Missing Pumpkins!

Fall-loving Woozens,

We have terrible news. The Fall Festival is in jeopardy! You see, those extra special pumpkins Basil has been growing just for the Fall Festival... Have gone missing!

All summer long, Basil lovingly tended to his pumpkin patch, looking forward to the day he could show them off at the Fall Festival. But now... They're nowhere to be found!

This is serious. We can't have a Fall Festival without pumpkins! How are we going to save it?

Basil is absolutely certain that foul play is afoot. That's right... He believes they've been stolen! Snatched! Lifted! And he even has a few suspicions about who might have done it. You see, you don't make it to the top of the gardening game in Woozworld without making a few enemies.

Basil can't exactly investigate his suspects himself... That would be waaay too obvious. If only there was a large group of folks who might be willing to do some light investigation work on his behalf...

He'll be introducing his suspects soon. Keep your eyes peeled for another blog alllll about them!

Oh, and if you can think of anyone who might be able to help with the investigation and save the Fall Festival, please let us know in the comments below!